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World Vegetarian Day.

A day very close to my heart, having been a vegetarian for long over 30 years now. Back in those days eating out in Spain was quite a challenge, and dishes available to us were very limited. Happily now things are different. Many restaurants now have veggie dishes, and the number of vegetarian and vegan restaurants has increased considerably; and the supermarkets now carry many more vegetarian products, and of course the fruit & vegetables here are extremely tasty.

Did you know that roughly every one in ten people around the world is a vegetarian? That figure often shocks people. It’s more than you would probably expect, right? A lot of people are also surprised to learn the fact that India is the country that has the lowest meat consumption per capita around the globe. 

Another amazing fact is that works vegetarian day was started back in 1977.

Even if you have no desire to live a Vegetarian lifestyle every day, give yourself a chance to explore the world that is vegetarian cuisine on World Vegetarian Day. Explore the health benefits and find out how delicious and healthy eating no animal products can be by eliminating them from your diet for just one day.

It can even give you an opportunity to try out new restaurants and dishes, just stop in at your local vegetarian restaurant or order off the vegetarian menu at your favorite restaurant. Recruit some friends to go with you and have a wonderful night out, without hurting any animals!

That's what being a vegetarian is all about to me. I don't believe I have the right to kill anything, and sadly so many animals live in terrible conditions before landing up on your plate. 😢😢

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