• Mark Tullett

World Photography Day

Is actually tomorrow, but I've popped it in a day before as tomorrow is a more important anniversary for me.

I was just musing on how much photography has changed over the few years it has been available to the masses.

A camera was once out of financial reach to my family when my parents were just starting out, and there are very few photos of my early days, and even less of the ancestors that came before.

My dad's first camera was a Box Brownie, and I remember very little about it, my first camera gifted to me in my final years of primary school (primarily for a school visit) was of course a kodak, with a roll of film. My photos from those days are mostly grainy but still hold memories.

Then over the years both the cameras in general use and the ones I/we had became increasingly more sophisticated, and moved from rolls of film, to film cassettes, to digital memory and much more recently to the camera on our phones, where photos are ubiquitous, and of everything.

How far we have come in but a few years. So our photos used to be held in albums, and in a box in the sideboard, now they're all in the camera or the cloud.

Anyway I'm sure I'll be taking a few shots tomorrow. How about you?

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