• Mark Tullett

World Music Day

What's your favourite music? Are you a classical buff, or a heavy metal fan?

I have to say that my taste in music falls very middle of the road. I like a wide range of music, including classical and Jazz, Blues and pop, but above all I am a "child of the 80s disco music". The 80s were when I found myself and much of the music for that decade can provide a backdrop for my life.

As a teenager I liked The New Seekers, Fox, Manhatten Transfer and so many more, and still have a large collection of vinyls that have travelled from the UK with us.

But in my 20s disco was definitely my thing, Saturday Night Fever was the first R rated film I ever saw, and loved; and weekends were often spent in London clubs and bars dancing and drinking the night away to some of the best tracks of the time.

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