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World Lizard Day

Yes honestly, that's today's special day. One minute it's furry felines, next it's lizards.

And here are a few lizard facts stolen from the Living Planet website. (Click link for more).

Crested geckos do not have eyelids. In order to keep their eyes free of dirt, they lick them.

Sailfin dragons are able to run across water on their hind legs for short distances. They are also able to stay submerged in water for up to an hour.

Caiman lizards have a clear third eyelid that they can close when they are underwater. This eyelid allows the lizard to see underwater and acts as goggles so that they can hunt for food such as tasty snails, clams, and crawfish.
A Gecko’s tail can store food and water. The gecko uses this energy when food is scarce.

And just in case you were wondering the Spanish word for lizard is lagartija. (Catalan = sargantana)

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