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World Listening Day

Today is World Listening Day. First organised in 2010 it has had varied themes over the years and this year's is our unquiet Earth. This year we are invited to spend a quiet moment listening out for the sounds we don't usually hear; those made by the natural beauty around us.

There nothing I like better than to sit in the garden on a quiet afternoon and listen to the various noises coming from it - leaves rustling in a breeze, bees humming round the flowers as they go about their work, the occasional ticks and pops as parts of the garden react to the changes in temperature, and of course the sounds of the fountain.

Actively listening to someone else is another way you can take part. How often do we listen to share instead of listening to hear? A few years ago I qualified as a psychotherapist/counsellor and part of the training was to be able to do just that.

I don't currently practise here, but if anyone needs an ear to bend today message me for a chat...

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