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World Food Day

A startling and sad pair of facts to start with ... Approximately 1/3 rd of all food produced worldwide, about $ 1 trillion dollars around the world is wasted.

More than one in eight people in the world today are undernourished while over 1.9 billion are overweight.

It's like getting people to be more responsible with recycling, ir the inequity of wealth; how do we stop the waste and feed the starving, and improve diets. I guess there is no easy answer.

I remember when I was a kid food was not so abundant, and we ate what was put in front of us, and the admonition of "eat up, there are children starving in Biafra who would die for that" was a double edged sword.

I try not to waste any food but at times it is inevitable and I end up feeling bad that I am binning something because it has become inedible. Just want to add that I take little notice of the 'use by' dates though, if it looks, smells and tastes OK I'll eat it.

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