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What a waste

The municipal markets of Vilanova i la Geltrú have entered the fight against food waste this week with a program of workshops and actions to promote healthy and sustainable habits among their customers. The Week against Food Waste has scheduled two cooking workshops, one at each of the market. Throughout the week the facade of the Mercat del Center will be lit up in green to spread the word about the campaign.

One of the reasons why so much food is thrown away is because of the way we produce, store, distribute and consume. We want to have everything available at all times and with a standard appearance. Apples with lumps, tomatoes that are not round or double carrots do not pass the quality controls necessary to fill supermarket shelves. Every day we want to buy any type of bread, choose from many sizes and varieties. We want to have strawberries and cherries all year round. We know that all this is now possible, but also unsustainable.

One way to reduce food waste is to buy local produce, something I try to do a much a possible, buying my weekly veg and fruit in the saturday market.

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