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  • Mark Tullett

Well Equipped

We're pretty sure that our kitchen will have everything you should need during your stay.

Of course there's an electric oven and a gas hob, as well as a microwave and fridge-freezer.

There are pots and pans, and more than enough crockery and cutlery for six people (the maximum number we can host).

There's also a toaster, kettle and filter coffee maker. And we'll make sure the basics for cooking (oil, vinegar, salt & pepper) are there for your arrival, as well as teas, infusions, coffee, and sugar.

We have also installed an osmosis water filtration system (small tap in the corner of the sink), so even though the tap water is fine for drinking, there is filtered water too.

Some time ago I read a list of complaints from travellers, I think it was from Hogg Robinson, not about our apartment of course, and one was that there was no egg slicer. To avoid that pitfall we have one of those too. 😊😊

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