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Walkies part I

All around, and in, Vilanova there are many places to walk. You can wander the streets of the town and find the hidden gems while enjoying a libation in the odd bar or two, or you can venture further afield and investigate the surrounding countryside.

Vilanova is the capital of the local area called Garraf, and is bordered to the north by the Parc de Garraf, a natural and beautiful untamed area.

Today I am taking a different path and am off to walk the coastal route to Sitges,(the blue path on the map below). From the apartment it can take anything from one and a half hours, depending on your level of fitness, and how quickly you want to walk.

It's well worth the effort and not a very difficult way, with just a couple of slightly steeper, more difficult climbs. And of course on arrival in Sitges there's always a tasty reward...

More details later...

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