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TripAdvisor Award

Yes, TulStig DelMar is in the top 10% worldwide. Our award finally arrived today (Covid19 delays of course).

I know some don't put any standing by these awards, but for me I have to say I am pleased that our hard work is acknowledged, not just by our guests, but also by one of the platforms on which we advertise.

The 2020 Travellers’ Choice awards are based on overall performance throughout the qualification period (the 2019 calendar year). To win the award, you will have had to meet the following criteria throughout 2019:

  • Response rate: needs to be 95% or higher

  • Acceptance rate: needs to be 90% or higher

  • Completed stays: you should have at least 3 completed stays.

  • Bookings: during the qualification period you need to have had 3 or more bookings.

  • Cancellations by owner: 0 across all listings during the qualification period

  • Review score (during qualifying period): a total of at least 3 reviews with an average score of 4 or above

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