• Mark Tullett

The Circus is Back in Town

From tomorrow the Circo Raluy is back in town.

Last time this same circus was here i went to see their spectacular show with a friend from Australia, Ian, who was staying with us. We both enjoyed it immensely, even more so because of the old fashioned style of the tent and carriages within which the performance took place., and the fact that no annals are involved in any of the performances.

No doubt I shall be going along to see them once more this time, during the next 10 days. I never thought I would enjoy a circus so much, let alone become a groupie.

This time their tagline is Todo LoCura which is a great play on words

Todo locura - everything crazy

Todo Lo cura - it cures everything.

Tickets start at €10 and go up to €25, concessions available.

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