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The Cellar

... or to give it it's full title, El Celler de Can Solà, is a bar/bodega which we have been using for more than 30 years. Many visitors will already know it, but probably not by name - it's the little place on the corner of the Placa de la Vila.

Originally family owned for many years it has recently undergone some changes, and even has tables outside at which to enjoy a drink and tapas.

In our first Vilanova years (the 1980s) we would plan an evening out, starting with a glad or two of wine at the Cellar, a few more glasses later our plans changed and we often toddled off back up the hill home. A glass of good wine back in those days cost the equivalent of 25 pence more or less. So we were often merry only having spent a fiver.

Back in those days a cat lived in the bar who used to drink the dripped wine from barrels in the dishes on the floor. Not only that she was often pregnant when we arrived on holiday. Something that always amused us, putting the two details together.

It still serves good wines (beers, spirits, etc etc) but the prices have changed considerably. However it's still a great place to enjoy a glass of something and a plate of local cheese (our tapa of choice back in the day).

Current opening hours...


Thursday10AM–3PM/5:30–10:30PM Friday10AM–3PM/5–10:30PM


Sunday Closed



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