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Teatre Principal

One of the most imposing buildings on the Rambla Principal in Vilanova is the Teatre Pricipal.

The building dates from 1835, during a period when many buildings dedicated to the arts were being funded and built. Since then it has had various make-overs, improving it for the public each time.

Normally the theatre has full seasons of plays, dance performances, music and 'parochial performances. Obviously this year the acts at the theatre have been greaty curtailed and we look forward to its opening once more this week...

The programme of acts can be found here...

Prices are very reasonable and even if you don't understand Catalan some of the music and dance performances are well worth going to. Many years ago we saw a brilliant theatre production called 'Backroom', (all in Catalan, and we understood enough to follow) and also a flamenco show, the name of which currently escapes me, but it was another great production.

The inside, which was renovated not that long ago, is just as impressive as the building itself.

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