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Sussex Day

Today is the day that celebrates the county in which I was born - Sussex.

Today, across the land of many of my forefathers celebrations el be going on to celebrate Sussexness.

When i was younger i used to think that my parents sometimes used words incorrectly or had made some up, but a few years ago i was gifted a book on the Sussex dialect, and between those pages were those very words.

Quiz time....

Who can tell me what is...

  1. A Twitten

  2. Swymy

  3. A Trug

  4. Arney

  5. Beever

  6. A Bum freezer

  7. Chank

  8. Dunnamy

  9. A Flap

  10. Rafty

Good luck...

And a while lot of TdM goodies will go out to whoever gets them all right (without cheating - be honest now!)

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