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Steaming up

It's that time of year when sunglasses are definitely needed when out and about. The sun is really bright already. But there's been a bit of a problem...

Whenever I put my sunglasses on they steamed up. This because here we still have to wear a mask whenever we're outside the home.

Someone suggested wearing the sunglasses lower so the mask was inside them. I tried this and, no the sunglasses didn't stream up, but they were doing little to protect my eyes either.

So, then I found out a great trick, that really works, at least for me.

  • Grab a bar of soap - it has to be a bar, not liquid.

  • Rub the bar all over the lenses of the sunglasses, inside and out.

  • Clean the glasses with a clean, dry cloth. Do not use water.

  • Y voila, the sunglasses doing steam up.

Clear glasses

Of course you can do the same with normal/ reading glasses with the same result.

The soap needs reapplying every couple of weeks, but really does work.

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