• Mark Tullett

Spinach Day

Yes, today is Spinach Day and one of my favourite veggies.

Spinach originally came from Persia (now Iran), and made its way to Europe via China. Spain was the guest country in which it was grown, used and popularised, and there are many spanish recipes which use spinach.

Here are a few recipe suggestions for using spinach, so here's a challenge make one of these and send us a photo...

  • Spinach, and gorgonzola pasta

  • Spinach, artichoke, zucchini dip (with pita bread or baguette)

  • Spinach spanakopita (a traditional Greek pastry dish) - one of my favourites

  • Creamy spinach soup

  • Spinach lasagna (a vegetarian take on the traditional Italian dish)

  • Spinach pesto on flatbread pizza

  • Spinach quiche (also called Quiche Florentine)

  • Mushroom and spinach risotto

  • Pizza Florentine - another of my favourites.

  • Spinach and Chick Pea Curry - my very favourite and can be made in 5 minutes as per the Happy Pear recipe for chick pea curry (adding spinach). Which I'm planning to make this weekend.

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