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Sopa de Cebolla

AKA Onion soup.

A friend recently asked for my onion soup recipe, which, like Matt if my cooking projects, I basically make up as I'm going along. Nonetheless I came up with a recipe for her, which I hope turns out as well as when I make it.

I thought it might be something that would be of interest to other readers here too, so here it is...

Onion Soup

• 3-4 medium onions ( sliced)

• 1 dessert spoon Cornflour

• 1 stock cube

• Cup of red wine

• Glug of soy

• Teaspoon marmite

• Salt pepper to taste

• Water

• Rounds of toasted French bread with toasted cheese

1. Cook the onions in a like oil until they are soft

2. Add the Cornflour and stock cube, stir together.

3. Add the wine, soy, and marmite and stir.

4. Gradually add water until you get the thickness you require.

5. Season to taste.

6. Ladle into bowls and put the cheese on toast on the top.

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