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During the week I had another big day out exploring my homeland of Catalunya. As I mentioned in previous posts this is the prefect time to do this with less tourists around than usual.

The first part of the day out was to the mountaintop village of Siruana.

The journey down the coast and inland took just over an hour and a half plus a stop for breakfast. I was travelling with my wonderful friends, Meritxell and Albert, once again, and Albert volunteered to do the outward leg of the journey, which meant I had the luxury if rubbernecking.

The roads are extremely twisty as you climb the final half an hour up to the village, and often not edged by guardrails, but once you get there it is well worth it.

There are just a handful of houses in the village, which has a population of around 170 people.

The town was the last muslim stronghold in Catalunya (up to 1153). There is an imposing church, castle ruins, a variety of bars and restaurants, and the most impressive views.

If you're looking for a day out I thoroughly recommend this be part of your itinerary.

Next week I will include more of our day out with further places worth visiting in this region...

Here are a few photos, some of which have already appeared in my personal Instagram and Facebook.

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