• Mark Tullett

Shop Local

Something I try to do as much as possible is to shop local, so most of the goodies left for our guests are sourced locally.

Just recently I found another great local supplier. Armada cider are a local cider brewery and to be honest I'm really into the three flavours they currently offer; Blackcurrant and wild strawberry, wild strawberry and craft apple

They are gluten free, vegan and Kosher. And the craft apple one has no added sugar, while the other two just 3%.

They have an alcoholic value of 4.5%, are delicious and refreshing, best served directly from the fridge without ice.

If you'd like a few bottles in the fridge for when you check in on your next visit just let us know and we'll get on to it.

Luckily they have been delivering during the lockdown so i have a few bottles to make the days pass more comfortably.

FYI - Yes I am a huge cider fan.


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