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Sant Jordi

Normally the celebration of Sant Jordi would be happening tomorrow here in Catalunya, but this year it had been postponed to July 23.

Sant Jordi, or saint George, has been the partron saint of Catalunya since the 19th century, although it is generally agreed hell was of Turkish birth.

The Local Legend

Once upon a time a fearsome dragon was terrifying the inhabitants of a small town in Catalunya called Montblanc. It was wreaking havoc among the town's populace and devouring the animals grazing in the fields.

So, to soothe the dragon's anger, the town's inhabitants decided they would sacrifice someone every day, drawing lots to see who they would offer as a token of their goodwill.

One day, it was the turn of the king's daughter to be sacrificed. But, just when the dragon was about to gobble her up, a handsome knight appeared and confronted the beast. This was Sant Jordi (St George). He drove his lance into the dragon and a bush of red roses sprang out of the blood that spilled.

Interesting fact - there is a bakery/ cafe that bears the same surname as me in Montblanc. Research is on going as to our connection. More about this another time.

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