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Sant Joan

Today is the festival of the eve of Sant Joan (cat) Sant Juan (cast) Saint John (eng).

The celebrations across Spain usually start around sunset and go on well into the following morning, and none more so than in Vilanova.

Sant Joan is a time of fireworks and bonfires, often accompanied by wild parties on the beach. This year most towns have made the beaches out of bounds for the usual celebrations in an attempt to stop the gathering of too many people together.

The day is, according to the Catholic calendar, officially the eve of the nativity of Saint John the Baptist, one of the better known disciples. He foretold the coming of Christ, and as the name suggests baptised him.

The story of Saint John's death by beheading is probably one of the most well known things about him.

The actual day of st Joan is the following day, which is a holiday here, much needed after the night of (often alcohol fuelled) celebrations. This is a day of family meals and private celebrations.

It is not a time for pets, as fireworks, especially loud bangers, are one of the most popular things during the whole week.

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