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  • Mark Tullett

Sant Antoni's Church

Vilanova is full of interesting and impressive architecture. At the very top of the Rambla Principal stands the main church ( one of many) of the town.

It is dedicated to Sant Antony Abat, who will feature in a post later this year. He was a bit of a Sant Francis (of Assisi) and a friend to animals. His saint's day is 17th January and is celebrated in grand style with the festival of tres tombs.

The original church dates back as far as 1663, but has been modified over the years, especially after the civil war during which it suffered a lot of damage.

It has an impressive bell tower, and beautiful rose staine-glass window on the Rambla. When the doors are open visitors are welcome to take a look around and investigate the simple interior.

During the major festivals the square (Placa Neus) is the focus of many events, and often hosts smaller markets and activities throughout the year.

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