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Ribes Roges

Vilanova has an amazing selection of beaches, and perhaps the most well known is the one right in the front of the seafront bars and restaurants - platja Ribes Roges.

One of the ways to get to this beach, avoiding the car parks is down one of my favourite pathways along which to stroll at any time of the day or evening.

It is a long, flat beach with fine sand, and the sea stays shallow for some distance, so is safe for the whole family.

At its north end end you can find the marine sports zone while at the other there is the walkway breakwater which leads out to the sculpture of Pasiphae. This separates the Ribes Roges beach from the Adarró beach right at the end.

It is around 1km in length and 150m wide with a total surface area of approximately 135,000m2.

From May to September:

  • No dogs or other animals are allowed on beach area

  • Night fishing is permitted between the hours of 9pm and 8am

  • Lifeguards are on duty.

  • Beach lounger and shades are available.

All Vilanova beaches have the blue flag, and are cleaned every night during high season. If you are our wait enough you might just see the tractor that crabs the beach and levels it out ready for the days relaxation and exercise.

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