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Reyes Majos

For the past five or six years I've taken part in a very rewarding charity event called Reyes Majos, which basically is a Secret Santa type affair.

Each year the charity that organises this (Miaportacion) sends you a letter (by email) written by someone who is less fortunate and will not have the type if Christmas those of us with privilege get to enjoy. In the letter they tell you a bit about themselves and ask for a present.

This year my letter was from a 92 year old woman living in a home in Barcelona who wanted a smart ( elegante) jumper, if I could afford it, she added.

So this last weekend I went shopping with my friend Laura as I know very little about what might or might not appeal in this situation. In Punta Roma (a women's clothes store) we found something that we thought apt, but also got a recibo de regalo - a receipt that shows no price but let's the recipient of the present go back to the shop and change it if they don't like it.

So it's all wrapped and ready to send to one of the distribution centres in Barcelona, and will hopefully cheer up one old lady's Christmas day. 🎄

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