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Revetlla de Sant Joan

Alternatively Vispera de Sant Juan, or Saint John's Eve, is the celebration before the great day if Saint John, and starts at sundown, and often before.

Normally there would be bonfires in most towns and here, parties on the beach, with copious amounts of fireworks and drinks.

This year the beaches here are all closed for the evening (c9vid19 precautions) but the fireworks, especially bangers (my least favourite part) started days ago. Fortunately our older dog, Cuddy, is a little hard of hearing these days so takes no notice, whereas before they scared her so much we had to give her tranquillisers.

A traditional cake, which is more like a bread is also served - coque de Sant Joan. There are various types of toppings including custard, died fruit, pine nuts and so on.

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