• Mark Tullett

Restricted Diet?

Having been vegetarian for over 35 years I am used to searching out the best places to eat, which in our first visits to Vilanova back in the 1980s was not an easy task.

I have recently downloaded an app to my phone which makes finding suitable eating places much easier. It is called Happy Cow, which you can find on the usual download sites.

It lists vegan and vegetarian places, etc and has a handy interactive map for whichever area you choose.

Here's the one for Vilanova showing all options.(vegan, vegetarian, and restaurants with these options)

Which compared to the one for Barcelona (strictly vegan restaurants shown only), clearly shows how different our town is to the big metropolis. Hopefully over the coming months and years the Vilanova map will become more like this as veganism is a growing phenomenon in Spain and the world.

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