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A couple of weeks back I got a message from the guests who were then staying, to say that the people staying in the flat below had complained that each time the shower was used there was a leak into the bathroom below.

Luckily I have an amazing lampista and friend who went round as soon as I called him and changed the shower tray, as he had to break the old one to find the leak underneath. Also luckily he was able to do so this in the same day meaning the shower was ready for the guests to use again later that night.(notwithstanding I also have them a free night for the inconvenience) Apparently a metal pipe had been joined to a plastic one with tape - no wonder it was leaking. Fortunately there was no damage to the flat below.

This all happened on the day that felt like Friday the 13th for me, but thanks once more to great friends it was solved with the minimum of fuss.

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