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Photo day

Not today, but Thursday 19th, just a couple of days away, and I thought it might be interesting to see your favourite photos of Vilanova.

So I'm handing out a challenge to everyone with a prize.

Send me your favourite photos of Vilanova, whether that's if friends, an event, a place etc, and I will choose one at random (I'll number them and pick a number from a bag).

You can send them directly in a comment here, to my email or WhatsApp, or post them to Instagram or Facebook with the tag #tulstigdelmar

The winner will get either a free afternoon tea - for anyone that is around on the date via our next delivery (date not yet decided), or a cake delivery of your choice when you're next in Vilanova.

I'll post the photos to our account on Instagram and Facebook, and announce the v winner on Thursday- WORLD PHOTO DAY.

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