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Phase 2

Things are easing up here slightly as our region enters phase 2 of the lockdown easing process. Barcelona city will remain in phase 1.

One of the main changes is that there will be freedom of movement throughout the province, so long add the other area is in phase 2 as well.

People can meet in groups of up to 15 maintaining a safe distance and wearing a mask if it is not possible to maintain this distance. 

Exercise outside of the home will be possible at any time, except for the only two time periods that are reserved for people over 70: from 10 to 12 hours and from 19 to 20 hours.    

All shops and stores can open their doors  as long as they stay below 40% capacity. A distance between clients of two metres has to be observed (if not possible, only one client will be allowed inside).

All open-air markets will be able to reopen, although the number of stalls will be limited to one third, as well as the number of customers. Vilanova is temporarily moving the Saturday market to the barri del Mar where there is more open space

Hotel, bars, cafes, restaurants can reopen inside spaces with maximum capacity of 30 or 40% depending on the type of establishment. . Eating and drinking in bars and restaurants can only be done at the tables and with reservation. It’s also possible to pick up food to take away but not drinks. Residences, buildings, centers and facilities intended for accommodation and provision of hotel and restaurant services (ie TdM) may reopen.

Nightclubs and night bars still cannot reopen.

Libraries, museums, cinemas etc can reopen with 30% capacity, social distancing norms apply of course.

And finally the beaches will be open as long as the 2 metres rule is observed.

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