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If you're driving into Vilanova, whether in your own car or a hire vehicle, you'll need somewhere to park.

Lamentably the apartment doesn't have a designated parking, although as a resident I do get certain parking perks. Also unfortunately all around the apartment there are either green (residents' parking) or blue (pay parking) zones.

At this time of the year, during the week, parking on the seafront is not a problem as it is free until June, but at the weekends it is a fully pay zone. (See sign below).

For anyone wishing to park for free outside of the low season we would suggest parking in the car park behind the station. At the time of writing it is still free, and only a short walk away, and of course for loading or unloading you can stop for a short while on the corner of the road behind the apartment.

There are other free parking zones around town. These are marked out on the road with white lines, but sadly none are that close to the apartment, and as the council looks for more ways of getting easy revenue they are gradually turning blue too.

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