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Palm Sunday

Tomorrow is Palm Sunday, sometimes called Passion Sunday.

Whilst I am far from religious I do like to know what the holy days are about, the whys and wherefores of the celebrations.

Now, anyone who went to Sunday school back in the 60s like I did woll have heard the story of Jesus riding into Jerusalem on this day on a donkey, which symbolized that he was a king who came in peace. His faithful followers placed palm leaves in front of his path. In doing so they demonstrated they accepted him as their redeemer. Thus Palm Sunday and why palm leaves form part of the celebration.

Palm Sunday, like Easter, moves from year to year (blame the pope!) But is always the last Sunday in lent, the final Sunday before Easter.

In Vilanova around this time of year there are usually stalls on the Rambla selling palm leaves and various structures made from them for people to carry on Palm Sunday or to display on their balconies/in windows. These range from simple crosses to far more intricate designs. This year I'm guessing it will just be the supermarkets selling these 'oddities'.

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