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Next year - Italia

I have to say that the Eurovision Song Contest votting last night was one of the most exciting finales in a long time.

With Switzerland and France out in front at the end of the Jury votes, they both looked confident enough of a win. Then came the public vote scores... and everything changed with Italy getting a huge score and leaping ahead. It was right down to the last vote to decide whether it was Switzerland or Italy, and yes Italy got it.

Not sure I even want to mention the UK's final result. 🤣🤣 - this year's song joins the ranks of those getting NUL points. It wasn't a bad Song, but I thought the performance could have been better. I'm sure now there will be cries of political voting and fixes, but the result is in and done. Do some people vote politically? For sure. Did Britain suffer because of recent policies? For sure. Did the best Song win? Now that's really subjective, and I reserve comment.

Here's the final scoreboard

Perhaps it's time for the big 5 to take part in the semis, seeing as 3 of them are in the bottom 3 places.

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