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Needing a lift

2020 hasn't been the best of years for TdM. First of all covid19 meant that all our early summer bookings were cancelled. Now the lift is being replaced, meaning that a) there is no lift; b) there is a lot of dust and dirt flying around, a lots of noise.

The 'hole'/shaft for the lift replacement

In light of this I have decided to close down until the end of September. There is a slim chance the new lift will be installed before that, but I'm not taking the chance of taking a booking and then having to explain.

However, if any friends or family want to make a booking for this time, fully aware of the situation, i am happy to offer a good discount. That's if anyone is brave enough to travel at the moment.

On the upside the new lift is going to be larger and will fit a wheelchair, so I can advertise the apartment as fully accessible. Every cloud...😊😊

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