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Meat Free Week

Did you know that the 15 to 21 June is international Meat Free Week?

I have now been meat free for well over 30 years, and I'm not suggesting you go meat free all week if you've not tried it before, although it would be great, but maybe one or two days meat free could be a good start for you and the planet. You could start by making the tortilla de patatas I posted the other day.

Even if you don't fancy making something from scratch there are some amazing products in the supermarket these days. If you're fancying a burger my favourite is the Aldi Wonder Burger. And my favourite veggie sausages are the Cauldron ones (various different ones) available in the supermarket in the UK.

Here's a link to the official page for the event

And I'll try give you another recipe later on in the week to try ... or you could just google something you fancy.

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