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Market Day

Normally Saturdays in Vilanova are the big market day. The square and streets around the municipal market are normally full of stalls selling everything from fruit and veg to knickers and corsets, etc, etc

Not only are the fresh products mostly the produce of local farmers and people with 'huertas' but they are also at the best prices possible. I can easily come away with two large carrier bags full of the best fruits and veggies for less than ten euros.

More lately travelling families have moved in and taken over a lot of the stalls selling clothes, jumble style, but there are still plenty of other stalls at which to find what I need.

And there is always the inside market, which is open all week (excluding Sunday) and during the lockdown the stalls are organising deliveries. Inside there are also butchers and bakers (although at present no candlestick makers )

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