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Lockdown (day20)

This is obviously something I would never have thought I would have to write about on the TDM blog, let alone on any blog, However, having been asked how things were here by a lovely Aussie friend (Natalie) I thought I'd share ... Needless to say, the apartment is closed until the current situation is over. Luckily our cleaner lives in the same block and is keeping an eye on things, watering plants etc.

The government have put in place measures to help businesses, including an amount ring-fenced for small tourist businesses, employing up to five people. However, I am not expecting to get any handout. Fortunately this is always a quiet period of the year for TDM but if this carries on into the summer and affects bookings for this period it will not be good. So far bookings are already down and I'm expecting to have those bookings already made to be cancelled if things don't improve. "Vamos a Ver," as we say here.

Here in Catalunya we are now on day 20 of the Lockdown, the rest of Spain being just two days behind. At first there were higher infection numbers in Catalunya with a couple of 'hotspots' so the local government put us on Lockdown first, with a request sent to the National government to close the borders at the same time. Just a couple of days before the Lockdown was ordered I was told by my consultant (Dr) that it would be a good idea for me to self isolate anyway.

I am not proud to say that before the situation became so serious I was one of those people saying, "Ah, more people die of the flu, what's all the panic about?" It wasn't long before we fond out. As of yesterday there were over 102,000 cases of infection, which was up over 7,000 on Tuesday (which was a lower increase than the past few days), and the death toll is now over 9,000. But the good news is over 22,000 have now recovered from infections. Unfortunately our local hospital is overwhelmed and has had to shut some wards. They are running out if basic supplies and beds. Patients off the danger list are being moved to a local hotel.

The are so many people doing amazing work to keep us alive, and each night we lean out our windows, go to our balconies or stand on the roof and applaud then all at 8pm.

The school for which I teach is now doing all the classes through the internet, but as I only do company classes, and the companies are suffering too they have decided not to continue with the classes until after Easter, and then decide once more. So I am currently 'unemployed', although the school can claim special measures, so hopefully my position nor income won't change for the time being.

The last 19 days have passed fairly quickly. We are not allowed out of the house except to go food shopping, to the chemist, and luckily for me, to walk dogs. That means I am getting out each day for a little walk, 'as far as they need to do their necessities'. I am also lucky enough to have a garden and roof terrace and for most of the last couple of weeks have been able to spend some of the time outside. It has rained for the last couple of days so that is currently off our daily schedule. When we go out we are supposed to complete a 'travel' form., and before going to the chemist this week I had to email them my prescription/needs.

In general people seem to be taking things seriously and the streets are quiet, even when we bump into someone on our walkies we stay our safe distance, and even cross the road if necessary, shouting greetings back and forth.

Over the last four years, since Tony's death, I have got more used to solitude, and have always liked my own company, so things aren't too terrible, especially with the TulStig 6 to keep me company and entertained. I do miss someone to talk about with about the small (and more important things) but that has been the same for the last four years too. I am also lucky enough to have a network of friends who like to Whatsapp, funnily some of whom I have not heard of for a very long time, and of course the usual social media can be interesting, although at times I have to switch off as it can be too overwhelming.

I'm very happy living in sweatpants and fleecies, and only put on jeans to go to the Supermarket or Chemist. I have had to go to each of these once so far. It was a surreal experience with the streets so empty. - Have you seen the film '28 days later'?

I enjoy reading and watching films and the TV so that takes up some of my time. and I love cooking/baking and eating so that's pretty much my day. At the start of the Lock-in I had a delivery of cider from a local company so that's keeping me going too. I've also been catching up with all those little jobs aroind the house that don't usually get done.

One day this will be over, and going back out into the streets will be a very strange thing. Until then I hide away and stay safe, I hope you're all doing the same. Drop me a comment about how you're getting through..

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