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Do you feel like the world is going crazy? I've been thinking that for a while, well since June 2016 at least, and we all know what happened then.

Now the health scare here in Spain is more than just big news. At midnight last night all bars, restaurants and centres of entertainment closed for at least the next 14 days. Although thugs are serious here, these are precautionary measures to help slow the spread.

Citizens have been advised to only leave the house if really necessary. It has been suggested that only visits to the shops for food, or to the Pharmacies for medications etc, are acceptable. I shall walk the dogs at dawn to avoid bumping into anyone.

Wherever people can they are working from home, and many businesses have chosen to close, putting people before profit. Not something I'm hearing from the UK or US governments where the economy seems to take precedence.

Once we get the all clear we will plan another afternoon tea... watch this space...

Hopefully the situation will be decided within the 14 days, looks like we're all fucking up a lot of freedom for Lent, but to keep as many people safe as possible makes it well worth it.

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