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Like a drink?

Just recently a new group of shops has appeared on the edge of town, although officially part of Roquetas, and therefore Sant Pere, the next town inland ( according to the very odd parish boundaries here).

As well as an Aldi, and a Veritas (health food style shop) there is another place called the Wine Palace, a supermarket for wine and spirits, which also sells chocolate, olives and cheeses, amongst other things. In other words an up-market off licence.

I took a quick look around inside the other day and can report that the selection of wines and spirits is huge. There are well over 20 gins, and around the same number of vodkas, many with enticing names and flavours.

It's a bit of a walk if you don't have a car, but well worth a visit if you'd like to try something new, or a new flavour of your favourite tipple.

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