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Life expectancy

Life existed across Spain, like the rest of the world, and within most countries too, varies from location to location.

A recent study was carried out using the NIEs as a basis for the data.

The best place to live in Spain for longevity is Salamanca with an average age of 84.74, closely followed by Madrid, Burgos, Avila and Navarra.

The places with the lowest of expectancy are the two provinces, not in the mainland, of Mellila and Ceuta (which had the lowest at 78.16). The lowest on mainland Spain is Almeria (at 80.48)

The difference in the average age of life expectancy between men and women in Spain as a whole is large. For women it is 86.3 years, while men only reach 80.9.

Barcelona's average life expectancy is 83.46, so I may have a few years left in me yet.

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