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Let's get this party started...

Carnaval is the big week-long party to kick off lent, and starts tomorrow with the Meringada, a sticky, mucky, fun party for youngsters, and the young at heart - so yes, I do go along, but more to watch than participate. In previous years when I was teaching said youngsters I tended to be more circumspect, hiding so that I didn't get pelted with uncooked meringue - getting profe would have scored the kids a whole load of cool points. Nowadays i don't need to hide. 😊😊

The 'event' is a traditional one, like all the Carnaval events. Originally a baker put an enormous meringue outside his shop for the kids to take handfuls with which to smear each other.

Now the event takes place in the market square, but is no less exciting or fun for all.

Will you be going?

And to get you in the Meringada mood here are a few shots from last year...

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