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Although I launder the towels and bathrobes at home I take the bedding and throws etc to a local laundry.

Up to last year I was using the same one. They were friendly, efficient and did a good job. Then covid struck and after the first lockdown they decided to close up for good, which was a real shame.

So the search was on for another place to do the laundry. There was no rush as, as you all know, business didn't exist last year so no laundry either.

After asking a few friends who live in town, who didn't know if any drop off places only self-service, I posted a recommendation request on Facebook.

Within minutes someone had posted a reply suggesting a laundry that is much closer to the apartment than the previous one. Having had guests over New Year I had laundry to be done again, so dropped it off there. And I have to say I am very happy with this place too. Friendly, efficient, do a good job, and economical.

So if you have any laundry needs while at TdM, and don't want to use the washing machine you too can drop off there...

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