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  • Mark Tullett

Just Face It

As from today masks are obligatory outside the home when social distancing of two metres cannot be maintained.

For some time now most people when visiting supermarkets have been wearing them, but now the smaller shops are opening as well as cafes and bars masks have become obligatory.

Sadly there are some, mostly expats I'm sorry to say, who are complaining, but in general everyone is behind this new measure.

This is one mask I tried, after watching a video demonstrating the mask, made from a pair of boxers, clean ones I hasten to add.

And my lovely friend, Loles, made me a couple of stylish ones at the start of the lockdown.

And as from a couple of weeks back the chemists were giving away free masks to everyone with a health card, one a week.

So, as you can see I have a selection to choose from, morning, day, and evening wear perhaps. 😊😊

And here are the new regulations (in catalan of course).

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