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Joc de cartes

Loosely translated means ''Game of menus'. This is a local tv programme (TV3) which challenges restaurants to prove they have the best specific dish etc and menu.

This week the competition was between 4 restaurants in Vilanova and Sitges to see which town makes the best Xato (A local speciality fish 'salad').

The restaurants were

Costa Dorada, Sitges.

El Beso, Sitges,

La Pasifae, Vilanova, &

La Pilla Xica, Vilanova.

Each restaurant had to prepare and serve a Xato to the other contestants and the presenter (Marc Ribas, pictures below). The contestants also checked out the kitchens, ate a full 3 course meal from the menu and scored each other on

  • Restaurant Style/ design/ atmosphere

  • The kitchen

  • The Xato

  • The full meal &

  • The price / value for money

At the end of the game they each received an average of each category from the other contestants' scores and could discuss the marks around a table. As is often the case thete was one of the restaurateurs who seemed to be 'playing the game' and was less genuine than the others. She has since been slated on social media, receiving a lot of criticism.

The presenter's score was not shared at the time, only with the restaurateurs after they had discussed each other's marks. The winner was then declared.

The link for the programme is below, but it's in Catalan (maybe you could get subtitles).

I'm not going to give away the winner - no spoilers here.

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