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It's curtains

Yesterday I finally hung the new curtains at TdM.

I had decided some time ago that I needed to change the curtains in the living room there, if for nothing else but to wash the ones that have been there for the last couple of years.

It became a bit of a saga. First off all I could only get curtains that were way too short or easy too long. This was solved when my lovely friend Edith said she could take them up for me.

Unfortunately the first curtain shortening was by a little (read a lot) too much. No worries I could simply buy another pair. But the shop no longer has them in stock. I set up a notification for when they had them and eventually got them delivered. Then when I next visited Edith, I forgot to take them with me.

The next round of length reduction went perfectly and the curtains were ready, but the guests who were staying extended their stay by a week (which all in all was good news), so it wasn't until today that I got to hang them, and very nice they look too.

Edith even had enough material from the cut-offs to make some table runners, and serviettes.

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