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International Sandwich Day

Today i had to quickly pop up another post as the original birthday one would have been a day late - see yesterday's posts.

The humble sandwich has come a long way since its 'invention' by the Lord of the same name, after whom it is called.

Today there is such a variety of fillings available, yet two of my favourites are still cheese and coleslaw, and egg mayonnaise and tomato. However I do love a nice fried egg sarnie too, oh and a chip butty always goes down well, or a delicious sausage sandwich, or even cabbage and marmite, or potato and curry sauce, or perhaps just any combination of the above ingredients.

Guessed it yet? That's right I am a sandwich fan and for a while, with my dear friend Alberto, toyed with opening a sandwich shop or truck here.

And on the menu today ... a French bread sandwich of egg mayo and tomato.

What are your favourites?

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