• Mark Tullett

International Hamburger Day

Today is the day to celebrate the humble, or may be nit do humble, hamburger 🍔.

The word hamburger is recorded in the 1880s and is short for Hamburg(er) steak, which was first dished up in New York City in the 1830s and resembled a Salisbury steak. The dish is said to be based on applications of beef sausage brought to the US in the 1800s by German immigrants, many of whom left through the port of Hamburg, Germany. Who put the patty between two buns is also hotly disputed, with many claims to the invention in the US.

A whole other section of consumers believe that the name 'Hamburger' originates from a cruise company known as the Hamburg America Line that was known to serve its passengers' similar sandwiches in the Mid-1800s. To this date, the debate over its origin continues.

Whatever the origin the hamburger is now an international favourite, even with vegans like me. After all who can resist a delicious patty, a pair of tasty buns, a slice of tomato and lettuce with (vegan) cheese, topped off with fried onions and of course mayonnaise, mustard, and tomato sauce?

Guess that's dinner sorted for me.

Oh and my favourite burger at the moment is the Aldi Wonderburger...

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