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There are currently two Indian restaurants in Vilanova: Chai (previously Mumbia) near the station and The Imperial Spice, (previously Lahore Palace) on Rambla de Josep Antoni Vidal, number 29, and it was to this one that I went for lunch yesterday with the very lovely Edith and Ingo, and their son, Max.

It has only recently reopened having been taken over by a new family. I always enjoyed the food there when it was the Lahore Palace, and had had deliveries from them a couple of times during the lockdown.

Being veggie the choice at Indian restaurants is usually good, and it is here too. I chose one of my favourite dishes: Saag Aloo (Saag Aalu) a spinach and potato dish, with rice, and can report that it was very good. My friends ordered a variety of meat and rice dishes, and thoroughly enjoyed those. They even had some Chai tea, which I have a bit of an aversion to, especial in such hot weather.

They also have two menus del día, one at €9.95 and the other just a couple of euros more. We'll worth the price, indeed veritable bargains.

I am happy to say I recommend visiting here, or getting a delivery.

The Menu...

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