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How much...? a night's stay at the apartment?

Another not stupid question, but one with variety of answers.

First off all it will depend through which online agency the apartment is booked - each platform charges guests a commission for the booking, which is added in to the bill paid. Incidentally they also charge me a commission which comes off the money I receive. Obviously booking direct did not incur commission charges.

Secondly it will depend during which session of the year you book. Summer is obviously more expensive, and Winter cheaper, demand and supply at work here.

We are also happy to offer weekly and monthly rates for longer stays and are open to sensible offers - although sometimes the offers that are made for a months stay are less than it costs to run the apartment so it wouldn't be worth my while accepting unfeasible offers.

And of course return visitors and friends and family get generous discounts too.

And, yes, I realise that's all like a politician's answer so the rates usually vary between €100 a night to €150 a night (at time of writing), discounted rates being much less.

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