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Higos, (Figs)

During one of the much reduced walkies with the dogs, due to the lockdown, I love checking out how nature is getting along around and about my home. And I can report that it is doing absolutely fine without the meddling of us humans.

There are a couple of fig trees near our house, which we pass when walking, and over the past couple of days they have bedecked their branches with verdant foliage. Luckily, after more than two days of rain the sun came back out today allowing me to get a quick snap.

Figs are very popular here, and my neighbour, who has a huerto is always offering me some, and is constantly amused by the face I pull when I decline his offer.

Figs for me are those horrible dried things eaten at Christmas, and in our family referred to as "Grannies' earholes".

I have tried a fresh one since moving here but am still not enamoured by the fruit at all.

Photo from last summer

I also find it slightly disconcerting that in pollinating the flowers wasps get stuck inside and become part of the fruit, digested by it as it grows.

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