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Ernest Hemingway died on this day in 1961, by his own hand. He was in Spain during the Spanish Civil War from 1937 as a reporter and based his book 'For Whom The Bell Tolls' (1940) on his experiences here.

In 1938, he was present at the Battle of the Ebro, aka the last republican stand and was one of the last journalists to leave the area, but always had a fondness for the country, especially Madrid and Pamplona, enjoying the running of the bulls on several occasions.

Wherever Hemingway stayed there are nods to his visit. In Barcelona there is a well known bar called Bar Marsella where Hemingway was known to enjoy absinthe, which once again is legal here. This is late bad, open from 10pm to 2.30am.

There is another well known bar in Barcelona that bears his name : Hemingways Gin and cocktail bar and is open from 6pm to 2.30 Tuesday to Saturday, just on case you need another place to visit in Barcelona.

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